Requisitioned Auxiliary – Mijdecht




Official Number:                     607507 (Dutch)

Laid down:                              

Builder:                                 Rotterdam Droogdok Maatschappij, Rotterdam 

Launched:                             3 December 1930

Into Service:                          1939

Out of service:                       1945

Fate:                                     May 1958 broken up


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:  One of several Dutch ships requisitioned by the Admiralty for service to augment the ships of the RFA and to serve as an escort oiler


Career Data:

 3 December 1930 launched by Rotterdam Droogdok Maatschappij, Rotterdam as Yard Nr 172 named Mijdrecht for NV Maatschappij chip “Mijdrecht” (N V Phs. Van Ommeren’s Scheepv. Bedrijf, Managers) Rotterdam

February 1931 completed

WW2 fitted out and served as an Escort Oiler – name unchanged

25 August 1940 sailed Sydney, Cape Breton in convoy SC2 to Liverpool arriving 10 September 1940

29 September 1940 sailed the Clyde in convoy WN19 to Methil arriving 3 October 1940

6 October 1940 sailed Methil in convoy FS302 to Southend arriving 9 October 1940

23 October 1940 sailed Southend in convoy FN316 to the River Tyne arriving 25 October 1940

26 November 1940 sailed Methil in convoy EN32/1 to Oban arriving 30 November 1940

3 December 1940 sailed Oban joining convoy OB253 from Liverpool until it dispersed on 6 December 1940 and then independently to Aruba

13 January 1941 sailed Bermuda in convoy BHX103. This convoy joined Halifax convoy HX103 to Loch Ewe arriving 1 February 1941 with a cargo of petrol

2 March 1941 sailed Liverpool in convoy OB253 

7 March 1941 at 0625 in position 60.31’N., 13 52’W when approaching a lifeboat from to pick up members of the ss Delilian’s crew, who had abandoned their ship, was hit by a torpedo fired by U-70, on her starboard side, about six feet forward of the engine room bulkhead. The explosion was described as a sharp crack, but there was no flash. Damage caused the ship to sink about 9 feet by the stern. Her Captain saw a periscope, or the ‘feather’ of a periscope, two points on the starboard bow, and turned the helm hard to starboard. About a minute later, doing 7 knots she rammed the U-70. The U-boat was eventually sunk when further attacked by HMS’s ARBUTUS and CAMELLIA with depth charges. 4 Officers, 6 Petty Officers and 15 men survived the U-Boats sinking. 

 Mijdrecht Torpedogat

Mijdhecht after being torpedoed
courtesy of Ferry Van Eeuwen

23 May 1941 sailed the River Clyde in convoy WN131 to Methil arriving 26 May 1941

10 October 1941 sailed Halifax in convoy HX154 to Liverpool arriving 23 October 1941 with a cargo of petrol

1 November 1941 sailed Liverpool in convoy ON32 to Halifax arriving 16 November 1941 for onward passage to New York. RFA WAR BHARATA sailed in the same convoy as far as Iceland

27 November 1941 sailed Halifax in convoy HX162 to Liverpool arriving 11 December 1941

5 December 1943 sailed for Kola Inlet escorted by HMS BEAGLE and three Russian minesweepers 

1951 purchased by Suomen Tankkilaiva Oy Finska Tankfartygs Ab (Antti Wihuri, Manager) Finland and renamed Wiilma

May 1958 arrived Turku for demolition by Finnish breakers