Requisitioned Auxiliary – Mourino




Official Number:                      123266

Laid down:                              

Builder:                                  Earle’s Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Hull

Launched:                              26 May 1906

Into Service:                           1935 and 15 September 1939

Out of service:                        1936 and 9 February 1951

Fate:                                      9 February 1951 scrapped 


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:  One of several ships requisitioned by the Admiralty for service to augment the ships of the RFA  during the Abyssianian Campaign

Career Data:

26 May 1906 launched by Earle’s Shipbuilding & Engineering Co Ltd, Hull as Yard Nr  518 named MOURINO for T Wilson, Sons & Co Ltd, Hull

July 1906 completed

28 July 1906 sailed Hull for St Petersburg

2 August 1906 berthed at St Petersburg

18 February 1907 sailed Castellion for Hull

3 February 1908 at Hull before the Stipendary Magistrate Labourer Charles Wetherill was convicted of stealing fruit from the ship. He was reported as having six previous convictions and was sentenced to 6 weeks imprisonment

28 February 1908 berthed at Hull

22 July 1908 at Alexander Hospital, St. Petersburg Able Seaman Arthur Woodward discharged dead from blood poisoning

25 September 1908 arrived at St Petersburg

2 January 1909 sailed Hull for Genoa

17 March 1909 berthed at Hull from Valencia, Spain

July 1909 at St Petersburg the crew played the crew of the Wilson Line steamer Tosno at cricket. The teams played two innings – each team won one

20 July 1909 sailed St Petersburg for Hull

25 July 1909 berthed at Hull at the Albert Dock

7 July 1911 at Hull Fireman I Sakai discharged dead from pneumonia

1917 owners became Ellerman’s Wilson Line Ltd, Hull name unchanged

5 October 1917 at Murmansk with her propellor obstucted – divers from HMS GLORY cleared the obstruction

10 October 1917 to 12 October 1917 at Murmansk a working party from HMS GLORY onboard

5 December 1917 at the Royal Infirmary, Montrose Fireman Ceres Brown discharged dead from peritonitis

11 June 1921 at 36.30N 2.48W Ships Cook William Harper discharged dead – missing believed suicide

1935 requisitioned for Admiralty service as a Naval & Victualling Stores Supply Ship, based at Aden, name unchanged

19 August 1936 from Aden arrived at London

1936 returned to her owners

28 August 1939 at Victoria Dock, Hull

15 September 1939 purchased by the Admiralty as an Ammunition Hulk name unchanged. Based in Loch Eil

9 February 1951 arrived Briton Ferry in tow for demolition by T.W. Ward Ltd