Requisitioned Auxiliary – Rosaleen

Kyle Prince

Rosaleen after being renamed Kyle Prince


Official Number:                       128485

Pennant No:                    Y.4.39

Laid down:

Builder:                                    Dublin Dockyard Co, Dublin

Launched:                               1908

Into Service:                            22 July 1915

Out of service:                         10 November 1920

Fate:                                      1938 ran aground and abandoned

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Background Data:  

One of a number of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to supplement the ships of the RFA


Career Data:


1908 launched by Dublin Dockyard Co, Dublin as Yard Nr: 63 named ROSALEEN for Michael  Murphy Ltd., (Joseph O‘Dowd, Manager) Cardiff

October 1908 completed

18 February 1909 after passage from Dublin entered Eastham Locks on the Manchester ship canal in ballast for Partington

27 April 1909 after passage from Dublin entered Eastham Locks on the Manchester ship canal in ballast for Partington

4 November 1909 while berthed at the North Wall, Dublin was struck by the Grimsby steam trawler Sceptre causing damage to her port side

11 December 1914 grounded at Oxwich Bay, 14 miles from Swansea while on passage from Swansea to Liverpool with a cargo of tin plate during a storm


 Liverpool Echo 12 Dec 1914 Rosalee

Press cutting from Liverpool Echo on 12 December 1914


22 July 1915 requisitioned for Admiralty service as a Fleet Messenger, name unchanged

23 April 1916 arrived at Aden

5 October 1916 at Muscat loading returned stores from HMS PHILOMEL


HMS Philomel



14 November 1916 at Muscat loading returned stores from HMS PHILOMEL

26 December 1916 arrived at Muscat

1 January 1917 at Basra alongside HMS PROSERPINE delivering Naval Stores

9 January 1917 and 10 January 1917 at Basra divers from HMS PROSERPINE cleared her propellor

20 March 1917 at 25°54N 56°58E sighted by HMS BRAMBLE

27 April 1917 three Goanese servants from HMS ALERT discharged to Rosaleen for passage to Bombay

6 May 1917 at 26°0N 57°0E sighted by HMS BRAMBLE

22 June 1917 at Muscat

27 June 1917 while on passage from Bushire to Basra sighted by HMS BRAMBLE

28 June 1917 arrived at Basra

19 July 1917 at Basra on HMS ALERT stores packed for delivery to Rosaleen for Bombay

20 July 1917 sailed from Basra

22 July 1917 at Henjam

27 July 1917 at Muscat

18 August 1917 and 19 August 1917 at Muscat

29 September 1917 at Henjam

2 October 1917 arrived at Basra

7 October 1917 sailed from Basra

16 October 1917 at Muscat

1 December 1917 arrived at Basra

5 January 1918 at Bombay Engineer Sub-Lieutenant Collingwood RNR discharged to RIMS Northbrook under arrest

28 April 1918 arrived at Muscat with stores and mail for HMS SAPPHIRE

HMS Sapphire


8 May 1918 at Basra working party from HMS MANTIS onboard

18 October 1918 at Muscat a fire party with fire engine and hoses boarded from HMS DIANA (no indication if this was a practice or to fight fire) – details from HMS DIANA’s ships log book

10 November 1920 returned to her owners and renamed ITA

1934 purchased by Monroe Bros Ltd, Liverpool and renamed KYLE PRINCE

12 November 1934 passed the Lloyds Signal Station on the Lizard sailing east bound

13 November 1934 berthed in the Tyne Dock, Plymouth

20 November 1934 sailed The River Tyne for Immingham

2 March 1935 sailed Fowey for Runcorn

3 June 1935 arrived at Plymouth

6 June 1935 arrived at Bristol Docks

12 July 1935 passed the Lloyds Signal Station on the Lizard sailing east bound

21 October 1936 passed the Lloyds Signal Station on the Lizard sailing east bound

3 December 1936 berthed at Avonmouth Docks

1937 purchased by Walton Steamship Co Ltd, Liverpool name unchanged

6 August 1937 berthed at Avonmouth with a cargo of meal from Liverpool

8 April 1938 sailed Plymouth for Guernsey

8 October 1938 abandoned and drifted ashore near Cable Bay, Holyhead while on passage from Barry to Liverpool carrying a cargo of cement. All the crew were rescued by the Holyhead lifeboat

2 November 1938 the Walton Steamship Co Ltd, Liverpool made a gift of £21 to the crew of the Holyhead lifeboat for saving all the members of the crew of the Kyle Prince