Requisitioned Auxiliary – Staveley


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Official No:                               99173

Builder:                                    C.S Swan & Hunter, Wallsend

Launched:                                1 May 1891

Into Service:                             12 October 1914

Out of service:                           8 July 1916

Fate:                                        August 1933 Broken up


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:

1890 ordered as part of a 4-ship order

1 May 1891 launched by C.S Swan & Hunter, Wallsend as Yard Nr 165 named STAVELEY for Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway Co, Grimsby

4 May 1891 the Shields Daily News newspaper reported …


4 5 1891 Shields Daily News staveley


July 1891 completed for her owners’ Grimsby – Hamburg service

6 August 1891 sailed Grimsby for loaded trials

1 August 1897 owners became Great Central Railway Co, name unchanged

15 June 1907 sailed Hamburg to Grimsby, Southampton and Liverpool

4 November 1909 sailed Hamburg to Grimsby, Southampton and Liverpool

12 October 1914 requisitioned by the Admiralty for service as a Stores Carrier, name unchanged

5 November 1914 at Busta Voe alongside HMS CRESCENT supplying naval stores




29 April 1915 at Scapa Flow alongside HMS DONEGAL supplying naval stores





23 June 1915 at Cromarty alongside HMS DONEGAL supplying provisions

1 August 1915 at Scapa Flow Berth E3 alongside HMS DONEGAL supplying provisions

30 August 1915 at Rosyth Berth A4 alongside HMS DONEGAL supplying provisions

9 November 1915 at Scapa Flow alongside HMS DONEGAL supplying provisions

13 November 1915 at Invergordon alongside HMS MINOTAUR  supplying provisions





14 December 1915 at Scapa Flow Berth F3 alongside HMS DONEGAL supplying provisions

27 January 1916 at Cromarty alongside HMS DONEGAL supplying provisions

4 April 1916 at Scapa Flow alongside HMS DONEGAL supplying provisions

8 July 1916 returned to her owners

1 January 1923 owners became London & North Eastern Railway Co, Goole, name unchanged

12 January 1923 Seaman James Ballantine on leaving the ship and passing through the Royal Dock,Grimsby was stopped by a Customs Officer and questioned if he had any dutiable goods in his possession. The seaman’s answers were not deemed satisfactory and as he was being taken to search room he took a bottle of brandy from his pocket and smashed it on the ground. 

14 January 1923 Seaman Ballantine appeared before the Grimsby Stipendary Magistrate and was found guilty. He was fined £5 – the magistrate told the defendant his evidence was deliberate lies, lies which deserved exemplary punishment.

1932 purchased by British & Irish Steam Packet Co, Dublin name unchanged

January 1933 renamed LADY GLEN by her owners

August 1933 arrived Preston for demolition by T.W. Ward Ltd