Requisitioned Auxiliary – Tascalusa



Official Number:                     136062

Pennant No:                         

Laid down:

Builder:                                     Sir Raylton Dixon & Co Ltd, Middlesbrough

Launched:                               30 October 1913

Into Service:                            1940

Out of service:                        29 August 1940

Fate:                                          November 1940 sold for demolition


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Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW2 for use as a block ship


Career Data:

30 October 1913 launched by Sir Raylton Dixon & Co Ltd., Middlesborough as Yard Nr: 579 named Tascalusa for Tank Storage & Carriage Co Ltd., London

31 January 1914 the Western Daily Press reported …


31 1 1914 Western Daily Press Tascalusa


September 1914 completed

2 December 1915 arrived at Portishead Dock, Avonmouth from Balik Pappan with 5380 tons of petroleum spirit

1916 purchased by Standard Transportation Ltd., Hong Kong – name unchanged

18 August 1919 sailed from Calcutta for San Francisco

24 February 1920 sailed from Hong Kong to San Francisco

18 August 1930 at San Pedro, California two contractors working on the ship were over come by gas fumes and asphyxiated. Three others were badly gassed and a further ten required emergency treatment

9 September 1939 sailed Suez independently to Basra arriving 22 September 1939

24 September 1939 sailed independently from Abadan

11 October 1939 sailed Port Said independently for Malta arriving 16 October 1939

21 October 1939 sailed Malta independently for Port Said arriving 25 October 1939

27 October 1939 sailed Suez independently for Abadan arriving 11 November 1939

12 November 1939 sailed Abadan independently to Suez arriving 29 November 1939

8 December 1939 sailed Port Said independently to Gibraltar arriving 18 December 1939

22 December 1939 sailed Gibraltar independently to Alexandria arriving 30 December 1939

4 January 1940 sailed Alexandria independently to Port Said arriving the next day and transitted the Suez Canal

5 January 1940 sailed Suez independently to Abadan

21 January 1940 sailed Abadan independently to Suez arriving 4 February 1940

5 February 1940 sailed Port Said independently to Gibraltar arriving 15 February 1940

1940 requisitioned for Admiralty service as an oiler – name unchanged

27 May 1940 sailed from Bermuda in escorted convoy BHX46 and then joining escorted convoy HX46 on 2 June 1940 arriving at Liverpool 12 June 1940 with a cargo of FFO

18 June 1940 sailed from Southend in escorted convoy OA170 to Falmouth

10 July 1940 while being fitted with her guns when berthed alongside the Northern Arm, Falmouth was struck aft by German bombs during an air raid. Both the ship and the wharf caught fire and the ship sank by the stern partly submerged in 25 feet of water with the stern resting on the bottom and the forward tanks keeping the bows buoyant and afloat

13 July 1940 the fire was allowed to burn itself out and was finally extinguished, the remaining oil cargo onboard was discharged then divers commenced patching and plugging the damaged shell plating and bulkheads

29 August 1940 was finally refloated and the ship was beached on the Mylor mud flats where she was declared a CTL

November 1940 was sold for demolition by T W Ward Ltd