Requisitioned Auxiliary – Trocas

Trocas 01


Official Number:                     101972

Pennant No:                          Y 7.106

Laid down:

Builder:                                 Sir James Laing & Sons Ltd.,  Deptford Yard, Sunderland

Launched:                             3 January 1893

Into Service:                           WW1

Out of service:                        19 January 1918

Fate:                                     Torpedoed and Sunk  19 January 1918


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:

3 January 1893 launched by Sir James Laing & Sons Ltd., Deptford Yard, Sunderland as Yard No: 521 named TROCAS for M Samuel & Co., London

March 1893 completed

6 December 1893 at Port Said

17 January 1894 berthed at Dundee from Calcutta with a cargo of 23,299 bales of jute. The ships Master was Captain Edwards

14 July 1894 sailed Aden

October 1898 owners became Shell Transport & Trading Co Ltd., (M Samuel & Co., Managers) London name unchanged

5 September 1899 at 7.13N 77.10E Carpenter P Bolerg discharged dead from natural causes

2 January 1906 at 16.20N 113.32E Chief Engineer Officer Wallace Evans discharged dead from natural causes

29 June 1907 owners restyled as Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co Ltd., London name unchanged

25 January 1912 at 47.28N 6.22W Able Seaman Kassim bin Abat discharged dead from beri beri

27 January 1912 off Dover Able Seaman Noordin bin Kassim discharged dead from natural causes

WW1 requisitioned for Admiralty Service as an oiler, name unchanged

9 October 1914 at 6.27N 95.12E met HMS YARMOUTH

9 December 1915 at Port Mudros

25 April 1916 at Port Mudros alongside HMS ARK ROYAL refuelling her – supplied 246 tons on FFO

27 June 1916 at Salonika a working party from HMS EXMOUTH came onboard

HMS Exmouth 1906


13 March 1917 stopped and boarded by HMS BRAMBLE to confirm her identity

1 April 1917 at Perim

13 September 1917 stopped and boarded by HMS CLIO to confirm her identity

19 January 1918 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine UC23 in the Aegean Sea 10 miles NE of Skyro Lighthouse while on passage from Abadan to Salonica with a cargo of oil and with the loss of 24 lives, Those killed and remembered with pride on the Hong Kong memorial, the Tower Hill Memorial and the Chatham Naval Memorial



1.  was the 5th of 10 new ships ordered by Marcus Samuel in 1891

2. sisiters were Bullmouth, Clam, Elax and Volute (q.v)