Requisitioned Auxiliary – Ujina


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Official Number:                        108717

Laid down:

Builder:                                    Wm. Denny & Bros, Dumbarton

Launched:                                24 February 1898

Pennant No:                             Y 3.1766

Into Service:                            4 October 1914

Out of service:                         1918

Fate:                                      31 May 1922 broken up


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Background Data One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA

Career Data:


23 March 1897 ordered

24 February 1898 launched by Wm. Denny & Bros., Dubmarton as Yard Nr: 576 named Ujina for British India Steam Navigation Co Ltd., Glasgow

10 March 1898 Lloyds List newspaper reported …


10 3 1898 Lloyds List Ujina


15 April 1898 completed at a final cost of £61,386

5 October 1899 arrived at Melbourne

15 October 1899 at Newcastle, NSW Lascar Seaman Ahmed Ali discharged dead from pneumonia

29 November 1899 sailed Bombay

11 January 1900 sailed Bombay bound for Durban with 90 horses Captain Baynes, 2nd Bombay Lancers, 1 hospital assistant, 10 native soldiers and 24 Syces

26 January 1900 arrived at Port Natal from Bombay with ‘J’ Battery, Royal Horse Artillery

28 August 1900 arrived at Hong Kong with a battery of the Royal Horse Artillery, an ammunition column and a section of the British Field Hospital. The ship sailed north

1 October 1900 at Wei-hai-Wei fouled the ‘Southern Wreck’ at this port. A Board of Enquiry held on 3 October 1900 on the Ojina but found no fault could be attributed to the ship’s Master and his ticket was returned to him

27 October 1900 arrived at Hong Kong with a battery of the Royal Horse Artillery, an ammunition column and a section of the British Field Hospital

14 March 1901 at sea Deck Passenger Abdoola discharged dead from pulmonary Tuberculosis

27 October 1901 when on passage from Melbourne to Newcastle while attempting to assist another vessel apparently in distress struck the Tuggerah Reef suffering serious damage

29 October 1901 sailed Newcastle, NSW for Sydney, NSW for docking

23 November 1901 at Sydney, NSW at a Court of inquiry enquiring into grounding on 27 October 1901 (see above) it was found that the depth of water over the reef was less than on the chart and the ships Master – Captain John W Robertson – was held not to blame. In fact he was commended for his actions in going to the assistance of the other vessel

23 January 1902 the Brisbane Courier, Queensland newspaper reported …


23 1 1902 Brisbane Courier Ujina


15 October 1902 arrived at Calcutta from Colombo

31 March 1903 at Calcutta General Hospital 3rd Engineer Officer Archibald Ferguson discharged dead from dysentary

25 August 1903 grounded on North Danger Reef but was refloated with minor damage and having to jettison 2,600 tons of cargo

1904 the Master and eleven officers awarded the Sea Transport Medal


Sea Transport Medal


January 1905 involved in a collision with the steamer Wongkai in Hong Kong Harbour

25 August 1907 at Sea 1st Fireman/Tindal Abed Ali discharged dead after an accident resulting with a fracture skull


Req Aux Ujima 1910

Ships officers and the ships dog c 1910


29 October 1911 arrived at Bushire with Indian troops onboard who were disembarked

30 October 1911 sailed Bushire for an Indian port

21 May 1912 arrived at Melbourne

29 August 1914 arrived at Khyora Morya Island – weather too rough to supply HMS DUKE OF EDINBURGH with bunker coal. Anchored

HMS edinburgh castle



4 October 1914 requisitioned for Admiralty service as an Indian Expeditionary Force Transport – name unchanged – until 6 January 1915

15 October 1914 carried Army supplies from Bombay to Marseilles

20 October 1914 at 17°03N 57°07E in convoy escorted by HMS MINERVA

25 February 1915 re-deployed as an Indian Expeditionary Force Transport until 17 May 1915

27 May 1915 at Bassein (?), Burma Oilman Shabodeen Dawood discharged dead from dysentry

11 February 1916 arrived Sydney, NSW from Calcutta

16 February 1916 sailed Sydney, NSW for Bombay

8 October 1916 arrived Adelaide from Calcutta

16 October 1916 at Melbourne

6 November 1916 sailed Newcastle, NSW for Bombay

9 June 1917 at Bombay

8 September 1917 re-deployed as a collier until 11 October 1917

12 October 1917 re-deployed with the Commercial Branch for Military a/c carrying nitrate until 16 February 1918

17 February 1918 re-deployed as a collier

1 March 1918 at Channel Dry Dock, Newport, Monmouthshire Lascar Seaman Dada Balloo discharged dead from dropsey. The same day at Newport Hospital, Newport, Monmouthshire Lascar Seaman Ameer Reg Hossein Beg discharged dead from pneumonia

14 August 1918 arrived at Tilbury from Calcutta with two passengers. Captain G J Goss was Master

23 January 1919 arrived at Colombo from Calcutta

4 February 1919 passed Perim when on passage from Colombo for Suez

4 May 1919 arrived at Port Said from Marseilles for Calcutta

3 July 1920 arrived Suez from Delagoa Bay

13 May 1922 sold to shipbreakers at Bombay

31 May 1922 arrived Bombay