Requisitioned Auxiliary – Vardefjell


Official Number:                        N/R  

Laid down:

Builder:                                   Eriksbergs Mekaniske Verkstads Akt, Gothenburg

Launched:                               14 December 1939

Into Service:                            WW2

Out of service:                         WW2

Fate:                                      1960 broken up


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:  One of a group of additional Norwegian-flagged ships which served as Escort Oilers during WW2

Career Data:


14 December 1939 launched by Eriksbergs Mekaniske Verkstads Akt, Gothenburg as Yard Nr: 292 named VARDEFJELL for A/S Filefjell (Olsen & Ugelstad, Managers) Oslo

4 April 1940 completed
9 April 1940 on maiden voyage from Gothenburg to Bermuda as War broke out in Norway. Arrived at Bermuda 20 April 1940
25 April 1940 sailed Bermuda independently to Trinidad arriving 30 April 1940
13 May 1940 sailed Trinidad independently to Aruba
17 May 1940 sailed Aruba independently to Buenos Aires arriving 10 June 1940
14 June 1940 sailed Buenos Aires independently to Curacao arriving 3 July 1940
6 July 1940 sailed Curacao independently to Buenos Aires arriving 29 July 1940
2 August 1940 sailed Buenos Aires independently to Curacao arriving 21 August 1940
23 August 1940 sailed Curacao independently to Buenos Aires arriving 13 September 1940
17 September 1940 sailed Buenos Aires independently to Curacao arriving 5 October 1940
8 October 1940 sailed Curacao independently to Buenos Aires arriving 29 October 1940
2 November 1940 sailed Buenos Aires independently to Cape Town 16 November 1940
18 November 1940 sailed Cape Town independently to Port Elizabeth arriving 20 November 1940
14 December 1940 sailed Port Elizabeth independently to Durban arriving 17 December 1940
20 December 1940 sailed Durban independently to Bombay arriving 5 January 1941
9 January 1941 sailed Bombay independently to Abadan arriving 16 January 1941
21 January 1941 sailed Abadan independently to Aden arriving 29 January 1941
29 January 1941 sailed Aden independently to Durban arriving 13 February 1941

WW2 fitted as and served as an escort Oiler, name unchanged

11 February 1942 sailed the Clyde in Escorted Convoy KMS 5 for North Africa to participate in Operation Torch – the Allied Landings



13 December 1942 broke in two during a storm with heavy seas and the forepart with ten men aboard drifted away while the remaining thirtyone crew were on the after part. During an abortive rescue attempt for the men on the forepart, two of the survivors from the aft part lost their lives


14 December 1942 this was the last time the forepart was seen.


23 December 1942 the twenty nine survivors finally reached the Faroe Islands. The tug MARAUDER was
later despatched to search for the derelict, finally located it and took it in tow


5 January 1943  tug and tow reached Kirkwall. The aft part was later towed to the Tyne where a new
forepart was constructed and she re-entered service


January 1949  owners became A/S Falkefjell (Olsen & Ugelstad, Managers) Oslo name unchanged


November 1951 purchased by Rio Guaba Cia Naviera S.A, Panama and renamed VIGILANT


1956  renamed ANDROS VIGOR by her owners


1957  renamed ANDROS CLOUD by her owners

3q/1960 arrived Split for demolition by Brodospas