Requisitioned Auxiliary – W S Farish


 WS Farish 


Official Number:                      230308

Laid down:

Builder:                                 Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. Kearny, NJ

Launched:                             11 October 1930

Into Service:                          WW2

Out of service:                       WW2

Fate:                                    10 February 1958 scrapped


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data One of a group of additional American ships which served as an Escort Oiler during WW2


Career Data:


11 October 1930 launched by Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Keamy, NJ as Yard Nr: 114 named W.S. Farish for Standard Shipping Co. Inc., Wilmington

November 1930 completed

30 October 1931 grounded South Jetty, Aransas Pass.

31 October 1931 refloated and sailed for minor repairs. Source Lloyds Casualty reports of 2 November 1931

14 October 1933 berthed at New York when Barge RTC No: 7 while loading petrol caught fire and sank. Together with two other ships and some barges moved for safety. Standard Oil Piers 5 and 6 damaged or destroyed

1935 owners restyled as Standard Oil Co of New Jersey, Wilmington – name unchanged

5 December 1941 sailed Aruba independently to New York arriving 12 December 1941

1942 owners became US WSA – name unchanged

WW2 served as an Escort Oiler – name unchanged

22 January 1943 put into St John’s Newfoundland with a cargo of Admiralty fuel oil and planes having lost her convoy (SC116) through heavy weather and receiving slight damage – souce Admiralty War Diary of this date page 896

24 April 1944 arrived at Balboa to discharge cargo

28 April 1944 sailed from Balboa unable to discharge 10,000 barrels of fuel oil which was contaminated with water

17 July 1944 on passage for Humbolt Bay escorted by USS Anderson (DD411)

29 October 1944 at Manus Island in berth #104 with USS Neshanic (AO71) alongside receiving a pump over of her cargo. Received 53,250 barrels of oil

1946 returned to her owners – name unchanged

1950 purchased by Esso Petroleum Co Ltd., London and renamed Esso Southampton

10 February 1958 arrived Split in tow of tug Hercules for demolition by Broadospas