Requisitioned Auxiliary – War Lemur


 War Lemur 


Official Number:                      142429

Laid down:

Builder:                                  Harland & Wolff Ltd., Belfast

Pennant No:                           Y 3.2454 / Y 8.99

Launched:                              9 May 1918

Into Service:                           28 May 1918

Out of service:                        January 1919

Fate:                                     30 March 1944 bombed & sunk


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Background Data One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:


9 May 1918 launched by Harland & Wolff Ltd., Belfast as Yard Nr: 532 named War Lemur for the Shipping COntroller

28 May 1918 completed, placed under management of Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co Ltd., London and requisitioned for Admiralty service as a collier – name unchanged

25 September 1918 became a stores carrier – name unchanged

31 October 1918 at Murmansk alongside HMS GLORY her hands provisioning the warship

HMS Glory


January 1919 returned to her owners – name unchanged

27 January 1919 purchased by Cunard Steamship Co Ltd., Liverpool and renamed Verentia

27 March 1919 sailed Gravesend for Odessa

1 July 1920 sailed Montreal to London via Quebec

15 August 1924 berthed in King George V dock, London

20 November 1924 passed Fame Point while on passage to Quebec

14 March 1925 sailed New York for London

29 July 1925 sailed Philadelphia for New York

1926 purchased by Cree Investment Co Ltd., Glasgow and renamed Foreric

1927a purchased by Andrew Weir & Co Glasgow – name unchanged

1927b purchased by Buenos Ayres, Great Southern Railway Co Ltd., London and renamed Galvan

21 October 1934 radioed that she was attending a German steamship Rio de Janerio on fire when off Brazil. The fire was extinguished and Galvan continued on voyage

1935 purchased by Kaye Son & Co Ltd., London – name unchanged

1 September 1937 at Shimonoseki in collision with Norwegian motor tanker Levi Eirikisson both ships suffering damage

1937 purchased by Chang Shu Chang, Tsingtao and renamed Pei Tai

1938 purchased by Kitagawa Sangyo Kaiun K K, Osaka and renamed Hokutai Maru

hokutai maru

ss Hokutai Maru

30 March 1944 bombed and sunk by American Aircraft off Babelthuap in the Pacific