Requisitioned Auxiliary – Zena





Official Number:                       129588

Laid down:

Builder:                                    A Vuijk & Zonen, Capelle a/d as Yard Nr: 375 named Zena

Pennant Number:            Y3.76  and Y 2.76

Launched:                               1911

Into Service:                            16 February 1916

Out of service:                         u/known

Fate:                                        Broken up August 1960


Items of historic interest involving this ship: –


Background Data:  One of an additional group of ships requisitioned by the Admiralty during WW1 to augment the ships of the RFA


Career Data:

1911 launched by A Vuijk & Zonen, Capelle a/d as Yard Nr: 375 named Zena for Scandinavian Shipping Co Ltd., (Glen & Co., Managers) Glasgow

July 1911 completed

29 May 1912 sailed Bristol

20 January 1915 at sea at 59.56N 04.00W stopped and examined by HMS PATIA and allowed to proceed

8 February 1915 while on passage from Glasgow to Gothenburg at 59.27N 4.44W stopped by HMS HILARY examined and allowed to proceed

16 February 1916 requisitioned for Admiralty Service as a collier and later after 26 February 1916 as an Ammunition Carrier, name unchanged

23 May 1916 arrived at the Kola Inlet

17 May 1919 sailed Liverpool for Copenhagen

30 September 1921 ashore on the Danish Island of Saltholm with a cargo of wood from the Baltic – source Lloyds Casualty reports

1928 owners became Clydesdale Shipowners Co Ltd., Glasgow – name unchanged

26 October 1932 sailed Glasgow for Gothenburg – developed engine defect and berthed at Rothesay Dock for repairs – source Lloyds Casualty Reports

29 July 1933 at 58.00N 5.40E Fireman & Trimmer Ronald Brown discharged dead – missing presumed drowned

February 1935 in refit at Preston

29 September 1936 at Glasgow Able Seaman William George Mair discharged dead – fractured skull and pelvis from falling down hold

16 March 1938 radioed that after sailing from Gothenburg she was ashore 3¼ to 3½ nmiles E by S of Vinga, pounding heavily but not taking in water and in no immediate danger. Two tugs went to her assistance – source Lloyds Casualty Reports

17 March 1938 put back to Gothenburg leaking – source Lloyds Casualty Reports

13 January 1940 at Hospital in Marseilles Able Seaman John Nordon discharged dead – fractured skull

1 February 1940 sailed Gibraltar in the escorted convoy HG17 to Liverpool arriving 11 February 1940

1 March 1940 at 49.15N 4.55W Fireman & Trimmer F Rice discharged dead – washed overboard and presumed drowned

14 July 1940 sailed Southend in convoy FN222 to Methil arriving on 16 July 1940

18 August 1940 sailed Milford Haven in the escorted onvoy OG41 to Gibraltar arriving 2 September 1940

19 September 1940 sailed Gibraltar in the escorted convoy HG44 to Liverpool arriving 4 October 1940

24 November 1940 sailed Southend in convoy FN341 to Methil arriving 26 November 1940

28 November 1940 sailed Methil in the escorted convoy EN33/1 to Oban arriving 3 December 1940

17 January 1941 sailed the Clyde in the escorted convoy WN71 to Methil arriving 21 January 1941

4 February 1941 sailed Southend in convoy FN399 to Blyth arriving 6 February 1941

21 February 1941 sailed Methil in the escorted convoy FN75/1 to Oban arriving 25 February 1941

23 April 1941 sailed Hollyhead joining convoy BB10 to Milford Haven arriving 25 April 1941

29 May 1941 sailed the Clyde in convoy WN134 to Methil arriving 2 June 1941

4 July 1941 sailed the Clyde in convoy WN149 to Methil arriving 8 July 1941

27 August 1941 sailed Oban in convoy WN173 to Methil arriving 29 August 1941

4 October 1941 sailed Oban in convoy WN189 to Methil arriving 6 October 1941

19 October 1941 sailed Southend in convoy EC88 to the River Clyde arriving 24 October 1941

20 January 1943 at 36.40N 01.02E between Algiers and Oran Sailor A G Dove discharged dead. He jumped over the side when the ship was in danger of being torpedoed. No search was made due to enemy action

25 June 1947 Second Engineer Officer John Taylor Howat discharged dead. He is buried in Cathcart Cemetery, Renfrewshire in Compartment N, Main Cty, Grave 1931

1949 purchased by Michele Bottiglieri, Torre del Greco, Naples and renamed Giovanni Bottiglieri

1952 owners became Giovanni Bottiglieri fu Pasquale, Torre del Greco name unchanged

August 1960 arrived Vado Ligure for demolition by ARDEM