RFA Bishopdale Convoys

RFA Bishopdale  (Dale Class Oiler) 1937

Convoy                 Depart                              Arrive

Blue.2    Port Said 20th September 1939 – Gibraltar 30th September 1939

HG.2       Gibraltar 5th October 1939 – UK Ports
                (Bishopdale to Portsmouth with FFO)

OA.21      Southend 17th October 1939 – Convoy dispersed 22nd October 1939

OB.37      Liverpool 18th November 1937 – Convoy dispersed

GP.33      Sydney NSW 3rd February 1943 – Brisbane 6th February 1943
                 (On passage to Darwin)

TS.17       Townsville 25h February 1943 – Brisbane 28th February 1943

GP.38      Sydney NSW 9th March 1943 – Brisbane 13th March 1943

BT.51      Brisbane 13th April 1943 – Townsville 17th April 1943

VB.38      Townsville 9th June 1943 – Brisbane 13th June 1943

BV.69      Caloundra 18th June 1943 – Townsville 21st June 1943

TN.108    Townsville 22nd June 1943 – Fall River 25th June 1943

FT.18       Fall River 15th August 1943 – Townsville 17th August 1943

TN.151    Townsville 4th September 1943 – Fall River 8th September 1943

NT.62      Milne Bay 25th October 1943 – Townsville 29th October 1943

TN.177    Townsville 11th November 1943 – Port Moresby 15th November 1943

MV.71      Milne Bay 6th March 1944 – Sydney NSW 13th March 1944

BG.539    Biak 16th May 1945 – Morotai 19th May 1945

On the 14th December 1945, whilst attached to the British Pacific Fleet Train, at  San Pedro Bay, Leyte Gulf, RFA Bishopdale was attacked by a Japanese “Val” suicide bomber which struck No 3 wing tank, exploding on contact.  RFA Bishopdale was just securing alongside a US Cruiser when the incident happened.

The ship was out of action for a number of months after this attack.