RFA Encore – lives saved in Typhoon Ruby


The Master of the RFA tug Encore and four members of her crew were rewarded for the part they played in the rescue of seaman in Hong Kong during Typhoon Ruby on the 5 September 1964.


RFA Encore during World War II as HMS Encore

During the height of the Typhoon the tug was called on to rescue the crew of SS Dorar aground off the east coast of Kaw I Chau Island, Hong Kong.

In high winds, very rough seas and with visibility restricted by heavy rain and spray the tug Master, Captain E Moore RFA took his ship as close to the wreck as was possible. It took nearly two hours to lower a boat. The boats crew successfully rescued the Captain and the First Officer of the Dorar as they clung to a mast. Immediately afterwards the boat picked up another eight survivors. Eleven of the crew of the Dora were lost.


Iron Warrior-03

ss Dorar when under previous ownership
and named ss Iron Warrior

The tugs Master received a Special Order of the Day from the Commander, Far East Fleet recording: ‘Captain Moore displayed great skill and seamanship in lowering his boat (which is not equipped with quick release gear) in the conditions prevailing. For two-and-a-half hours he kept RFA Encore standing by until all survivors were safely aboard his ship.’

rhs medal

Chief Officer R H Ross, 1st Greaser Li Hung Fan, Sailor Lo Fuk, Sailor Lee Fong Lai each received the Bronze Medal and certificate from the Royal Humane Society.