RFA Fort Victoria capture more alleged pirates again



“The pride of the Fleet”


On Monday 28 November 2011 the crew onboard RFA Fort Victoria having responded to a distress call arrested seven suspected pirates after a helicopter-led chase in the Indian Ocean.




The RFA was patrolling in an area about 420 nautical miles from the Seychelles and 350 nautical miles from the coast of Somalia. The Fort Victoria was on patrol as part of Nato’s Combined Task Force 508 when it received information that a Spanish fishing vessel to the north of their position had come under attack by a group of pirate vessels.


A Royal Naval helicopter dispatched to investigate saw two suspect boats — the faster of which, a skiff, sped off and forced the helicopter to give chase. The skiff refused orders to stop, and a sniper on the helicopter fired warning shots ahead of the boat, bringing the fleeing vessel to a halt.


The suspected pirates on board the skiff were then taken by boat to the Fort Victoria, and a Royal Marines boarding team inspected two other boats in the vicinity.


“As a result of the day’s action, a total of seven suspected pirates were held onboard Fort Victoria along with their whaler as evidence, with no injuries being sustained by either side,” the MOD said in a statement.


The Ministry of Defence confirmed that the Seychelles government granted permission to bring those under arrest to their islands for prosecution.