RFA Innisulva




Subsequent name:

Official Number:                      136338                                                                                          

Class:                                      INNIS CLASS Water Carrier

Pennant No:

Laid down:
Builder:                                    W Chalmers & Co, Rutherglen
Launched:                               16 April 1914
Into Service:                            20 September 1915
Out of service:                         March 1920
Fate:                                        Sold out of Service



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Background Data:

There was originally a Class of eighteen vessels with the INNIS prefix to their names, and the first 12 vessels were ordered in 1912, followed shortly afterwards by orders for a further 6 vessels. Only six of the Class saw Admiralty service as Water Carriers during WW1

16 April 1914 launched by William Chalmers & Co Ltd, Rutherglen as Yard Nr: 168 named INNISULVA for Coasting Motor Shipping Co Ltd., (John M. Paton, Manager) Glasgow

3 December 1914 registered as above

18 May 1915 arrived at Bute East Dock, Cardiff

29 September 1915 purchased by the Admiralty for service as a Water Carrier – name unchanged

29 November 1915 the Director of Transport allocated this ship to Dover with a Master, a mate, two enginemen and four deckhands

24 April 1916 Sub-Lieutenant Duncan Campbell RNR appointed in Command

13 April 1917 at Gutter Sound alongside HMS FEARLESS refuelling her – provided her with 65 tons FFO


HMS Fearless 1912



22 May 1917 at Gutter Sound alongside HMS FEARLESS refuelling her – provided her with 85 tons FFO

26 June 1917 at Gutter Sound alongside HMS FEARLESS refuelling her – provided her with 46 tons FFO

21 April 1920 purchased by Renhold J. Frisk, Cardiff name unchanged

26 April 1920 sailed Methil for Inverness with a cargo of coal

28 April 1920 owners became Mizel Shipping Co Ltd (Harold Davies & Renhold J. Frisk, Managers) Cardiff name unchanged

8 July 1920 sailed Burntisland for Aberdeen

15 July 1920 arrived at Burntisland from Aberdeen in ballast

30 August 1920 sailed Grangemouth with a cargo of pig iron

31 August 1920 arrived at Methil from Grangemouth

28 September 1920 arrived at Aberdeen from Blyth with a cargo of coal

13 October 1920 arrived at Methil from Aberdeen

14 October 1920 sailed Methil for Dublin

19 July 1924 purchased by C. Shaw Lovell & Sons Ltd (Algernon H. Philpot, Manager) London name unchanged

4 June 1925 on the River Thames, near Stepney Able Seaman George Allan discharged dead – drowned

10 June 1928 arrived at London

21 November 1930 in collision with the side of an arch of Westminster Bridge, River Thames suffering damage

31 March 1933 passed St Catherine’s Point sailing west

7 April 1933 passed the Lloyds Signal Station at Dover

19 September 1934 arrived at the River Tees from London

13 October 1934 passed Flamborough Head sailing northbound

9 November 1934 arrived at the River Tees from London

29 March 1935 arrived Plymouth from Exmouth sailing the same day for London

14 June 1935 sailed from Blyth

12 June 1936 sailed Plymouth

13 July 1936 arrived at Plymouth

21 August 1936 sailed River Tyne for Blyth

13 December 1937 sailed Newyln

25 March 1938 sailed Plymouth for London

24 November 1938 grounded near Lowestoft in dense fog when on passage from the Island of Jersey to the Humber. Refloated on the next tide undamaged


Innisulva aground 1938


4 February 1939 arrived at Goole from South Shields, River Tyne

7 March 1939 arrived at Seaham

10 May 1939 arrived at Hull from Rochester

15 Jun 1939 passed the Lloyds Signal Station on St. Catherines Head sailing east bound

12 June 1940 abandoned at Paris and seized by German forces. One member of her crew of five became a PoW

30 June 1942 condemned by the Hamburg Prize Court

14 July 1942 Register closed

30 January 1946 found sunk at Quai Garonne Vieux, Le Havre

13 December 1946 refloated by the French Navy

1948 purchased by Societe Havraise Industrielle et Navale, Le Havre                    

1949  No further details known