RFA Salvigil



RFA Salvigil


Subsequent name:               Nisos Salamis

Official Number:                    169439                                                                

Class:                                      KING SALVOR Class Ocean Salvage Ship

Pennant No:                           A501

Laid down:                             23 June 1944
Builder:                                   Simons, Renfrew
Launched:                              23 April 1945 
Into Service:                           26 May 1945
Out of service:                        1965
Fate:                                         Sold commercially


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Background Data: There were originally 13 ships in this Admiralty-designed Class, 12 of which saw service as RFA’s. The final unit in the Class was completed as a Submarine Rescue Vessel under the White Ensign. All were basically similar and were used as Ocean Salvage Ships. They had a complement of 72 and during wartime were armed with 4 x 20 mm AA guns


30 April 1945 launched by Wm Simons & Co Ltd, Renfrew as Yard Nr: 772 named SALVIGIL

5 May 1945 registered at Glasgow as SALVIGIL and as number 8/45 in the Registry Book

1 June 1945 sailed the Clyde for Port Said to sail onward to Colombo – source Admiralty War Diary 1 June 1945 page 968

8 February 1949 at Malta

September 1951 chartered out commercially, name unchanged

4 February 1957 the cargo vessel Firoza, rudderless, anchored in the North Channel off Muka Head, Penang  having being towed 1,000 miles from Colombo by RFA Salvigil. The Firoza was later towed to Japan by Salvigil for repairs.

4 Jun 1958 attended a British ship Haven Hall on fire at Bahrain

August 1962 returned to the Admiralty

18 April 1963 entered Chatham Dockyard from the River Medway having arrived under the tow of HMS BUSTLER

May 1965 purchased by Tsavliris (Salvage & Towage) Ltd, Piraeus and renamed NISOS SALAMIS

1 June 1965 sailed Sheerness in tow bound for Piraeus in company with ENERGETIC

12 October 1972 broken up at Perama by Messrs Vernicos