RFA Slavol Convoys

RFA Slavol (2nd 2,000 Ton Class Oiler) 1917

Convoy                 Depart                                             Arrive

BN.9A      Aden 23rd November 1940 – Suez 28th November 1940

TA.27      Tobruk 12th March 1942 – Alexandria 14th March 1942

At 05: 10 hrs on the morning of 26th March 1942, whilst on passage in Convoy TA.27 RFA Slavol was torpedoed by U205, under the command of Korvetten Leutenant Franz-Georg Reschke.

There was a huge explosion and the Captain and 19 members of the crew managed to abandon the ship, which sank at 06:15hrs with the loss of 36 men.

The surviving crew were picked up by the Greek Destroyer Vasilissa Olga and landed at Alexandria.