RFA Wave Ruler visits BVI



RFA Wave Ruler made a Regional Engagement Visit to the British Virgin Islands from 21 to 24 October 2011. This was the second such visit by the ship to this Territory this year. The previous visit had been June.




Since her first visit Wave Ruler had conducted similar visits throughout the Caribbean, including taking an active part in the St. Kitts Independence Day celebrations in September.


In August the ship was tasked to provide disaster relief assistance to the Islands of the Turk and Caicos and its inhabitants in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.


A significant part of the Royal Navy’s presence is patrolling the North Atlantic and the Caribbean. Wave Ruler’s primary role has been to provide support to the UK Overseas Territories and strengthen the UK Government’s commitment in the region by providing support in the event of natural disasters.


With an extensive rage of disaster relief stores the ship is capable of providing food, water and shelter where required. By utilising her onboard Royal Naval Lynx helicopter, the ship and her crew can provide medical and humanitarian aid, as well as search and rescue facilities.


While at sea the ship has conducted maritime security patrols supporting the work of local defence and Police forces across the Caribbean, along with the US Coast Guards.


During Wave Ruler’s visit to Tortola the ship’s company also participated in a disaster relief training exercises with the Island’s Search and Rescue teams.