The Demise of RFA Orangeleaf (3)


Orangleaf 3 Keil CanalCopyright acknowledged


RFA Orangeleaf (3) was bareboat chartered by the MOD(N) and formally named Orangeleaf on 2 May 1984 by Mr A  Kemp, DST (SF).

She entered the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service in operational service on 2 May 1986

At the end of her operational service she was laid up in August 2014 at Birkenhead and ceased to be an RFA on 30 September 2015


Orangeleaf Birkenhead 15.10.14


24 February 2016 Orangeleaf sailed, under tow, down the Mersey heading for the ship breakers yard in Turkey

14 March 2016 Orangeleaf arrived at Leyal’s ship breaking facility at Aliaga, Turkey

Demolition work commenced immediately

Orangeleaf 22 March 2016


Orangeleaf second break up


By 31 March 2016 the work was well under way

Photo 31Mar2016


On 13 April 2016 the work was progressing at a rapid rate

Photo 13Apr2016


On 10 May 2016 the work had progressing even further

Photo 10May2016


By 23 May 2016 there was very little left



By 3 June 2016 the ship had been fully dismantled.

We say farewell to a fine ship which will sail no more