The Royal Fleet Auxiliary

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary


A Monologue


Now you’ve heard of the Royal Navy;

That’s them chaps as take warships to sea,

Destroyers and Frigates and such like;

All paid for by you and by me.

But have you heard of those sailors;

In the Royal Fleet Auxiliary,

Who follow the Navy wherever they go;

And keep them topped up out at sea.

Well it’s not that they’re naturally bashful;

They’re just sailor folk earning a crust,

And without any historyonics;

They just get the job done, s**t or bust.

When they get it right they’re called Navy;

Get it wrong and they’re called RFA,

So the Navy get all of the glory;

And we just get in their way.

It’s not that we’re askin for plaudits
Or medals and suchlike from you,
All we want is a small recognition
That we are a part of it too.

So next time you pay up your taxes;

Just think of the fellows like me,

Out there where the bullets are flying;

Keeping the Navy at sea.